Ballet Exam Info

This years ballet exams are between 
Sunday, June 8 – Wednesday, June 11. 2014.

Ballet Exam Day Check List
• Arrive ONE hour early (if 1st group of the day then 30 minutes early)
• Hair in classical style bun (make it flat!) No sock buns or accessories
• Packed extra pins, hairnets, hair spray etc.
• Black exam body suit  (Pinch front for Primary-Gr 2 & Ainslie tank Gr3+)
• Ballet pink tights with feet. No holes, runs or discolorations
• Extra pair of ballet pink tights with feet
• Clean pink ballet slippers with elastics securely sewn on
• Appropriate style sports bra with straps not visible
• Warm-up clothing so exam clothes do not get dirty
• Nail polish removed
• No writing or tattoos anywhere please, including legs!
• Terminology sheets to review before exam
• Water
• Jewelry, cell phones and other valuables left at home

Download the PDF version of the Ballet Exam Day Check List here.

Upon Arrival
• Check in with your teacher & let them know you are there
• Have your exam # pinned on
• Warm-up
• Review exercises and terminology with partner(s)
• Go to washroom
(Please don’t wait until you are standing outside the exam door!)

After Your Exam
• Jump for joy!!!! (Quietly of course)
• Please RETURN YOUR EXAM # and pins!
• Tell your teacher how things went
• Enjoy the rest of your day!

Download the PDF version of the Upon Arrival and After Your Exam Check List here.